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    Video Consultation

    Use this app when a medical situation imposes a doctor visit to a patient.

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    Cutting-edge treatment

    Epiomedica offers you top medical specialists worldwide.

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    Save time and money

    Get answers within days instead of an appointment in some weeks.

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    Minimise pain and suffering

    Take effective decisions and actions sooner rather than later.







When to use Epiomedica

If you or a loved one has received a serious medical diagnosis, you may be looking for a second opinion before seeking medical treatment. You can now receive a second opinion from the comfort of your home. Patients have access to internationally renowned specialists in order to have a wider information base to make important decisions concerning their health.

How Epiomedica works

The fast and high quality review of previous diagnoses or of previous therapy recommendation avoids unnecessary surgeries, uncovers medical errors and supports patients to optimise their health management and their health care.

Pick a specialist

Patients select the specialist suitable for their needs or call and request for help and one of our team members will gladly help them through the process.


Specify their problem

Describe their situation and ask our specialists all the questions they need to know.


Get a swift response

They receive a full comprehensive report based on the assessments made by our specialist via email or/and a face to face private conversation.


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